Iowa Ideas
In-Depth Replays 2022

Catching every Iowa Ideas session you'd like to see is a tall order. But with our In-Depth Week replays, you don't have to miss a thing! As session videos become available, we'll host links to them here so you can get caught up on anything you might have missed.

  • Aging in Iowa

    A look at the history and current state of providing for Iowans 65 and older. From policy to tangible amenities, where are the biggest gaps, where are the opportunities?

  • Building stronger Home Community Based Services (HCBS)

    Building better Home and Community Based Services: While home and community based services can be more cost-effective than other options, there can be challenges like access or availability of caregivers and quality issues too. What challenges are facing HCBS programs and what improvements could be made?

  • Long-Term Care

    What are the high priority issues and needs for long-term care? This session will look at what’s being researched and what has launched. look at new facilities on the rise in rural and urban communities throughout Iowa. How are we keeping up with current demand? Are the older care facilities suffering from lacking amenities and aging buildings?

  • Making the home work to age in place

    Efforts to understand the needs and physical requirements for older Iowans to be able to stay at home.

  • Seniors in Poverty

    As price increases continue to hit nearly every aspect when it comes to cost of living, how does inflation impact those on a fixed income? For those planning retirement? What concessions are being made for services that cater primarily to older Iowans?

  • Designing the Ideal

    From the early initiatives to today, where are we in building an inclusive, accessible, effective program that will have the greatest benefit for youth and their families? Where have we made progress and where are we lacking?

  • Family and Navigating the System

    In times of crisis, access to resources for the individual and their families is critical. What resources exist that prioritize keeping families united? How can after care programs pave way to long-term success?

  • Intakes, Assessments, Diagnosis

    An exploration of the variety of templates to assess need and measure risk. How accurate are intakes? Have they changed over time? What are effective assessments and are we researching new methods?

  • Children's Mental Health in Law Enforcement and the Courts

    A look at pilot projects being tested and explored Juvenile mental health services in schools.

  • Mental Health Resources in Schools

    The UI Center receives $20M in funding from COVID recovery dollars to be the statewide hub of mental health training for teachers. Additionally, several districts received therapeutic classroom grants through the Department of Education.

  • A State View: Advancing Iowa Communities

    A kick off to In Depth Week featuring individuals who are working to strengthen Iowa communities.

  • Creative Affordable Housing

    Affordable, quality housing is a key ingredient for attracting workers and families to communities, but 3D printing and other strategies hold promise for the housing across the state. We'll look at some of the programs that are being tried across Iowa to create new housing options.

  • What's Next in Child Care

    Child care has been a hot topic among lawmakers as child care has faced a host of public health, workforce and affordability challenges. Lawmakers are talking about staffing ratio changes, but are there other pieces of the Iowa Child Care Task Force's November 2021 recommendations around wages and funding that should be considered now? What needs to happen to get child care on more stable footing statewide?

  • Opportunity in Public Infrastructure

    Major community projects and public infrastructure projects can change the trajectory of a local community: from economic opportunity to improving the daily quality of life for residents. As communities emerge from the COVID pandemic and patterns change, there may be opportunities for generational level investment to occur. What should communities be focused on to make some of this growth happen locally?

  • Strategy Across Geographic Boundaries

    A look at the elements and coordination involved in building a strategic plan for regional economic success.

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