In-Depth Week

College and Career Learning

July 15 - July 19, 2024
K-12 schools are turning to college and career learning to prepare students for life after graduation. The programs expose students to high-demand areas that sets them on a pathway to career and educational success beyond high school. This week, we will be exploring what it takes to build successful college and career pathways; creating strong business and community partnerships; the infrastructure needed for these programs; and how educators are being prepared to teach.
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Iowa Ideas 2024

Coming Together for Iowa

Free Virtual Conference October 10 + 11

Iowa Ideas is a free, annual virtual conference designed to gather Iowans from all perspectives to explore, discuss and offer solutions on issues impacting the state. Every attendee can customize their own schedule, with sessions across a variety of tracks.
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October 10 + 11

Iowa Ideas

Full Virtual Conference

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"...Our richest array of topics and speakers yet."
- Zack Kucharski, Executive Editor @ The Gazette
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