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Aging in Iowa

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The number of Iowans age 65 and older continues to grow. This in-depth week will explore the key issues and critical resources required to ensure this demographic is safe, secure, and thriving in Iowa.
Join us July 18 - July 22, 2022

The Week at a Glance

  • Jul 18 @ 12pm: Aging
    A look at the history and current state of providing for Iowans 65 and older. From policy to tangible amenities, where are the biggest gaps, where are the opportunities?
  • Jul 19 @ 12pm: Building stronger Home Community Based Services (HCBS)
    Building better Home and Community Based Services: While home and community based services can be more cost-effective than other options, there can be challenges like access or availability of caregivers and quality issues too. What challenges are facing HCBS programs and what improvements could be made?
  • Jul 20 @ 12pm: Long-Term Care
    What are the high priority issues and needs for long-term care? This session will look at what’s being researched and what has launched. look at new facilities on the rise in rural and urban communities throughout Iowa. How are we keeping up with current demand? Are the older care facilities suffering from lacking amenities and aging buildings?
  • Jul 21 @ 12pm: Making the home work to age in place
    Efforts to understand the needs and physical requirements for older Iowans to be able to stay at home.
  • Jul 22 @ 12pm: Seniors in Poverty
    As price increases continue to hit nearly every aspect when it comes to cost of living, how does inflation impact those on a fixed income? For those planning retirement? What concessions are being made for services that cater primarily to older Iowans?

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