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9 Tracks Representing Key Topics in Iowa

One of the greatest values identified by past conference attendees is the variety of topics and issues represented throughout, encouraging attendees to build a personalized experience based on unique Iowa interests. Iowa Ideas has identified nine key areas (“tracks”) for the 2021 program.

Conference Schedule • October 14 - 15, 2021

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Time Community Development Education Energy and Environment Health Care Human and Social Services Infrastructure Policy Workforce
Thursday Schedule
David Gould
Outdated Systems in Housing (DEI Session)
Lower College Enrollments
Iowa's Water Supply with Ag Runoff Strategies
Assessing Public Health
The Impact of the Pandemic on Iowa Youth
Iowa's Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure
Bills and Individual Rights (DEI Session)
Help Wanted: Job Market vs Demand
A Fresh Look at Community
Controversial Topics in Education (DEI Session)
Carbon Sequestration/Future of Ethanol and RFS
In Home Caregiver Accountability
Beyond Extremes for Youth Services
Safeguarding Critical Infrastrcuture.
Voting and Redistricting
Protecting Workers
New Life in a Tired Space
The Future of Higher Education
Water Quality in Other States
Keeping Rural Care Centers Financially Viable
Going Without- Relief and Recovery and Access to Information (DEI Session)
A Focus on Cargo
Changes in Criminal Justice Procedures (DEI Session)
A City by City Role in the Broadband Gap
Charter Schools
Building the Grid
Vaccine Acceptance (DEI Session)
From Foster to Adoption- A Parent Perspective
Why is Compromise so Hard to Find? (DEI Session)
Rural Survival in Workforce
New Horizons for Iowa Tourism
Issues in Achievement (DEI Session)
Energy Storage, Rise of Solar
Rethinking Long-Term Care Facilities
Mental Health Centers and Resources (DEI Session)
Modernizing the Legislative Process
Upskilling, Seasonal Highs and Lows (DEI Session)
Friday Schedule
Thomas Abt
The Outlook on Rural Iowa
Future Training for Teachers
Environmental Justice in Iowa (DEI Session)
Maternal Health Disparities (DEI Session)
Violence in the Home
Child Care (DEI Session)
Learn by Doing- Career Exploration
Peggy Whitson
Idea Build: Shop Iowa
Idea Build: Derecho Recovery
Idea Build: Health Care Worker Challenges
Idea Build: Ally, Advocate, Activist (DEI Session)
Open Session
Assessments in Action, DEI in the Workplace (DEI Session)
Business to Business roundtable led by and for people of color (DEI Session)

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"This is a hugely important issue for our state."
- Betty Andrews, NAACP
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