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Health Care

The landscape of the healthcare system in the state of Iowa. Needs moving forward for all demographics, including access.

    Worker Shortages in Health Care

    Iowa’s continued challenges in recruitment and retention in the health care industry. What are the latest strategies and incentives?

    Moderated by Michael Chevy Castranova

    Held on October 13, 2022 at 9:15AM

    • Jen Boyd

    • Carmen Kleinsmith

    • Teri Vos


    DEI: Tracking Iowa's Health Care Disparities

    Analysis of the latest data from public health reports with a specific look at under represented populations and their access to care in Iowa.

    Moderated by Sofia DeMartino

    Held on October 13, 2022 at 10:20AM

    • Max Mowitz

    • Anne Carter

    • Mary Charlton

    • Henny Ohr


    Prescription Drug Prices

    From legislation to the consumer, an update on income cap, over the counter drug coverage and more.

    Moderated by Michael Chevy Castranova

    Held on October 13, 2022 at 2:10PM

    • Juliette Cubanski

    • Robert Nichols

    • Andria Seip

    • Matt Osterhaus

    • Darlene Schmidt


    The Future of Telehealth

    At the close of the emergency declaration, what's next in telehealth from an indsutry, insurance and community perspective?

    Moderated by Tony Leys

    Held on October 13, 2022 at 3:15PM

    • Sue Gehling

    • Jessica Lovrien

    • Jen Amis

    • Doug Van Daele


    The Big Idea: Iowa's Weight Gain

    Obesity has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. What is the state and severity of this diagnosis? How is this trend having an impact on health related resources?

    Moderated by Dacey Waldron

    Held on October 13, 2022 at 4:20PM

    • Robert Kruse

    • Dara Lieberman

    • Jami Haberl

    • Cindy Fiester


    The Surge of STI's in Iowa

    Public health officials have reported a recent rise in Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). What is causing the surge? What communities are most at risk and what ongoing care is available in Iowa?

    Moderated by Tony Leys

    Held on October 14, 2022 at 10:10AM

    • George Walton

    • Heather Meador


    Oral Health

    Maintaining oral health in all phases of life is essential, but long-term neglect can have serious impact and is cited as the leading cause of death in nursing homes. What contributes to poor dental health and how does this connect to other health-related issues?

    Moderated by Emily Anderson

    Held on October 14, 2022 at 11:15AM

    • Suzanne Heckenlaible

    • Elizabeth Matney

    • Howard Cowen

Health Care Articles

  • Emergency preparedness plans take into account unconnected disasters taking place at the same time. But the confluence of the derecho and pandemic — and the need to follow public health measures that, at times, clashed with typical natural disaster response — placed an additional burden on Cedar Rapids hospitals.
  • Even as much of the nation began to emerge from the pandemic this summer, some have struggled to feel as if things are back to normal. The percentage of Americans reporting feelings of anxiety or depression spiked this past year as the COVID-19 spread across the globe and into the United States by early March 2020.
  • The pandemic public health emergency placed an overwhelming burden on an already underfunded and understaffed public health workforce. For at least 15 months, staff at public health agencies have worked seven days a week, sometimes unable to take more than two hours away at a time from their email and phones, administrators told The Gazette. The...
  • The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the state's health care system in truly unique ways as elective and preventive care was put on hold for weeks. What did health care systems learn from the pandemic and how does it change how the state's health care system will work going forward? How did health care come together, and how can it be improved? We'l...
  • The COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice protests following the murder of George Floyd brought the disparities that communities of color have with health care. We'll take a look into the gaps Blacks and Latinx communities face when it comes to health care access. What is being done to close these gaps and what challenges exist in Iowa? Panelis...
  • Prescription drug prices is a pocketbook issue with voters, but progress in controlling prescription drug pricing has been difficult to get traction on. The COVID-19 pandemic complicated an already difficult scenario too. How have state reforms been working and what will it take to get meaningful on the issue? Panelists Include: Anthony Carroll,...
  • With Iowa's rural health providers seeing challenges even in the best of times, the coronavirus pandemic has brought forth an entire new host of challenges for Iowa's rural health providers. The pause on appointments had a big impact to finances, but how did telehealth help and could some of those changes become permanent? How does Iowa's rural ...
  • The elements of 2020 are ingredients for a dramatic increase in mental health issues across the state. Quarantine fatigue, political stressors, shifts in family and social dynamics are jolting all areas of life. How do we differentiate between expected bouts of anxiety vs. high-risk, long-term impact? Panelists include: Peggy Huppert, NAMI; Jaco...
  • The coronavirus pandemic has created an especially challenging set of conditions for delivering care to Iowa's aging populations, who are especially vulnerable to the effects of COVID. What will this mean for the future of care facilities – from design to care? How is this impacting hospice and family caregivers? Panelists Include: Brent WIllett...
  • With EMS not considered an essential service, providing emergency medical services in rural Iowa is becoming an increasing challenge. Lower reimbursements and fewer volunteers are making providing an ambulance in rural areas a real challenge. Panelists include: Jack Seward, Washington County Iowa Supervisor, Andi Deering, Allamakee-Clayton Elect...

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