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Conference Schedule 2022

9 Tracks Representing Key Topics in Iowa

One of the greatest values identified by past conference attendees is the variety of topics and issues represented throughout, encouraging attendees to build a personalized experience based on unique Iowa interests. Iowa Ideas identified nine key areas (“tracks”) for the 2022 program.

Conference Schedule • October 13 - 14, 2022

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Time Arts & Culture Community Education Energy & Environment Health Care Human & Social Services Policy Workforce
Thursday Schedule
Opening Keynote Speaker: Simon Estes
DEI: Making the arts accessible to all
Aging Infrastructure in Smaller Communities
Access to Mental Health Resources
Carbon Dioxide Pipelines: Do they have a public benefit?
Worker Shortages in Health Care
Iowa and 988
Local Control
The Evolution of Incentives
Long-term sustainability and funding streams
Child Care in the Public & Private Sector
Myths vs. Reality on Solar Energy
DEI: Tracking Iowa's Health Care Disparities
DEI: Availability of beds for those in crisis
Featured Speakers: Director Durham, Director Townsend
Bringing the arts and business communities closer together
Promoting Iowa in 2022
DEI: Cultural Proficiency & Inclusivity
Electric Vehicles and Utility Grids
Prescription Drug Prices
The next phase of Iowa's Managed Care organizations: A Conversation with Health and Human Services Director Kelly Garcia
Name, Image and Likeness Laws for Student Athletes
DEI: Hiring Process and Onboarding
The role of arts and culture in community place making
An Update on Broadband
Factors of Enrollment in Liberal Arts Colleges
Siting Decisions for Animal Feeding Operations, Solar, & Wind
The Future of Telehealth
Suicide Ideation among adults and younger
The Links of Domestic Abuse and Homicide
DEI: Challenges in Business Ownership
The Big Idea: Rebuilding the Arts Audience
The Big Idea: Leading in Iowa
The Big Idea: A Look at Classroom Structures
The Big Idea: Iowa and the Mississippi River
The Big Idea: Iowa's Weight Gain
The Big Idea: Nonprofit Response to Inflation
The Big Idea: Keeping Balance in the Judiciary
Friday Schedule
Featured Keynote Speaker: Michele Shelton
Preserving the Arts in Public Education
An Emphasis On Outdoor Recreation
DEI: Changing Demographics in Students
Bitcoin Mines & Data Centers: How large energy users affect Iowa's power grid.
The Surge of STI's in Iowa
DEI: Immigrant and refugee long-term success in Iowa
School Choice
The Push for Automation
Unlocking Successful Public Art Programs
DEI: Barriers to Home Ownership
Practical Coding & Tech in the Classroom
Extreme Weather on agriculture, infrastructure, and people
Oral Health
The Rise of Substance Abuse
Protecting our elders: Iowa's new Elder Abuse law
DEI: Building the foundation for employer DEI strategies
Closing Keynote Speakers: Clarissa Chun and Dan Gable

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