In-Depth Week

Water Quality

Water Quality In-Depth Week Panelists

  • Larry Weber

  • Wendong Zhang

  • Chuck Isenart

  • Amy Kahler

  • Rebecca Boehm

  • Mark Moeller

  • David Cwiertny

  • Ryan Kay

  • Steve Veysey

  • Robert Riley

  • Matt Liebman

  • John Norwood

  • Theo Gunther


  • Monday, June 21, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: The Value of Water Keynote Session with Larry Weber

    Moderator: Zack Kucharski

    Panelists: Larry Weber

    Keynote Session with Larry Weber

  • Tuesday, June 22, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: A Recreational View: Eco- Tourism

    Moderator: Erin Jordan

    Panelists: Rebecca Peters, Wendong Zhang, Chuck Isenart

    A 2018 Iowa State University study found Iowa stood to gain $30 million a year by improving its water quality. This panel will discuss the ways clean water can benefit paddlers, swimmers and the state’s opportunities for eco-tourism. We will also explore beach advisories, and how the Okoboji area has protected its waters surrounded by animal confinements and what we can do for Iowa’s other recreational waters.

  • Wednesday, June 23, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: The Price of Drinking Water

    Moderator: Craig Gemoules

    Panelists: Amy Kahler, Rebecca Boehm, Mark Moeller, David Cwiertny

    Everyone wants clean water to drink. During this panel, we’ll talk about costly upgrades several Iowa communities have made to water treatment plants to remove nitrate and other pollutants and the state revolving fund available for these projects. We can also discuss how chemicals, including arsenic and radium, can infiltrate groundwater and how this impacts residential development.

  • Thursday, June 24, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: In Volumes: The Impact of Animal Waste

    Moderator: Erin Jordan

    Panelists: Ryan Kay, Steve Veysey, Robert Riley, Matt Liebman

    With more than 24 million hogs in Iowa – not to mention cattle and dairy cows – how much manure are we dealing with in Iowa? Our panel will talk about ways to reduce manure runoff into streams, rivers and lakes.

  • Friday, June 25, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: The Cedar River: A Watershed Case Study

    Moderator: Zack Kucharski

    Panelists: John Norwood, Theo Gunther, Mike Kuntz

    The 388-mile Cedar River and its surrounding watershed have been the focus water quality efforts, including wetland restoration, bioreactor installation and credit trading. What improvements have we seen? What still needs to be done?

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