In-Depth Week

Water Quality

Water Quality In-Depth Week Panelists

  • Allen Bonini

  • Larry Weber

  • Chuck Isenhart

  • Silvia Secchi

    University of Iowa

  • Jamie Benning

  • Alicia Vasto

  • Greg LeFevre

  • Christy Remucal

  • David Andrews

  • Roy Hesemann

  • Trevyn Cunningham

  • Ted Corrigan


  • Monday, March 20, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: Water Quality Policy Overview

    Moderator: Zack Kucharski

    Panelists: Allen Bonini, Larry Weber, Chuck Isenhart

    How do you balance the needs of an agricultural economy with environmental and human health? With two-thirds of Iowa’s waterways considered impaired and nearly one-third of the nitrate load in the Mississippi watershed coming from Iowa, why is policy change so difficult?

  • Tuesday, March 21, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: Private Wells

    Moderator: Erin Jordan

    Panelists: Jesse Campbell, Ethan Turben-Fuhrman, Silvia Secchi

    While it’s recommended that wells in the state are tested annually, most aren’t. What are the risks? What is the data telling us about private wells in the state and what are we learning about water quality from the tests?

  • Wednesday, March 22, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy

    Moderator: Brittney Miller

    Panelists: Neil Hamilton, Jamie Benning, Alicia Vasto

    An in-depth discussion looking at Iowa’s plan to reduce nutrient contributions from wastewater plants and non-point sources like farm fields. How has the plan evolved? What additional revisions are needed and what is the political appetite for making them happen?

  • Thursday, March 23, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: Emerging Contaminants

    Moderator: Brittney Miller

    Panelists: Greg LeFevre, Christy Remucal, David Andrews

    Forever chemicals, or PFAS, have been getting significant attention, but other emerging contaminants are cause for concern in drinking water. Pharmaceuticals and other personal care products may also be having impacts on aquatic life in Iowa. This session will talk about PFAS as well as how emerging contaminants are catching the eyes of regulators and scientists.

  • Friday, March 24, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: Keeping the water flowing: How do cities troubleshoot water challenges?

    Moderator: Erin Jordan

    Panelists: Roy Hesemann, Trevyn Cunningham, Ted Corrigan, Ingrid Gronstal

    We’ll talk with city leaders about the costs and challenges of providing water and whether other policy changes could be better. We’ll also look at the wastewater processes and the impacts those have on water quality.

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