In-Depth Week

Creative Placemaking

Creative Placemaking In-Depth Week Panelists

  • Zack Mannheimer

    Alquist 3D

  • Stacey Colledge

    Amana Colonies Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Michael Wagler

    Iowa EDA

  • Courtney Spearman

    National Endowment for the Arts

  • Jason Schupbach

    Drexel University

  • Ryan Heiar

    City of North Liberty

  • Nick Ludwig

    Murals & More

  • Amara Huffine

    Madison County Chamber of Commerce

  • Jacque Rahe

    Dyersville Economic Development Corporation

  • Rebecca Peters

    Vacation Okoboji

  • Joshua Schamberger

    Think Iowa City


  • Monday, May 22, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: Creative Placemaking in Iowa

    Moderator: Zack Kucharski

    Panelists: Zack Mannheimer

    The concept of Creative Placemaking has been around for years, but a small group brought it front and center to Iowa. The Gazette welcomes back Zack Mannheimer, who first brought the topic of Creative Placemaking to the Iowa Ideas audience in 2017. What is creative placemaking, and how has Iowa embraced the work?

  • Tuesday, May 23, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: Ingredients for Creating Place

    Moderator: Diana Nollen

    Panelists: Stacey Colledge, Michael Wagler, Courtney Spearman, Jason Schupbach

    What are the unique pieces that define a thriving community? Hear from successful placemaking initiatives that built up their assets to make their geographic mark.

  • Wednesday, May 24, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: Local Buy In

    Moderator: Izabela Zaluska

    Panelists: Ryan Heiar, Nick Ludwig, Amara Huffine

    Building trust and encouraging partnerships from idea to launch. How does local support (or lack of) impact success of a placemaking initiative? How does a community sort through varying interests and interpretations of assets?

  • Thursday, May 25, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: The Next Level

    Moderator: Zack Kucharski

    Panelists: Jacque Rahe, Rebecca Peters, Joshua Schamberger

    How do small wins in placemaking determine they are ready to become a destination? How does a community apply a concept that has gained local support and apply it as part of economic development strategy?

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