In-Depth Week

College and Career Learning

College and Career Learning In-Depth Week Panelists

  • Tanya Hunt

    STEM Advisory Council at the Department of Education

  • Whitney Fischer

    Waterloo West High

  • Dan Phillips

    Metro Nashville Public Schools

  • Adam Zimmermann


  • Todd Kern

    Waterloo Career Center

  • Jeff Frost

    Waterloo Schools

  • Paige Emerson

    UnityPoint Health

  • Akwi Nji

    Shive-Hattery Architecture and Engineering

  • Laura Peterson


  • Kathleen Sender

    Waukee Schools

  • Stephanie TeKippe

    Iowa Department of Education

  • Dennis Harden

    Iowa Department of Education

  • Amy Mayer

    The Regents Alternative Pathway to Iowa Licensure (RAPIL)

  • Don Finn


  • Kristy Volesky

    Volesky Consulting

  • Tascha Brown

    Central Campus with Des Moines Public Schools


  • Monday, July 15, 12 pm

    Watch Replay Now: What is college and career learning and why is it becoming increasingly popular in K-12 education?

    Moderator: Grace King

    Panelists: Tanya Hunt, Whitney Fischer, Dan Phillips, Adam Zimmermann

    What are some best practices across the country? What does it take to get this kind of programming off the ground successfully?

  • Tuesday, July 16, 12 pm

    Building business and community partnerships

    Moderator: Marissa Payne

    Panelists: Todd Kern, Travis Schwartz, Jeff Frost, Paige Emerson

    Local businesses and the community are important to making college and career learning successful. Schools look to local industries to tell them the workforce needs, so students can choose to stay and work in the area. Schools also rely on these partnerships for industry expertise, apprenticeships, internships and job shadowing and possibly even equipment at-cost or donated. How do school districts work to build these partnerships? How do businesses decide how many resources they can dedicate to these endeavors?

  • Wednesday, July 17, 12 pm

    Making the Space

    Moderator: Erin Murphy

    Panelists: Akwi Nji, Laura Peterson, Kathleen Sender

    K-12 education is no longer desks-in-a-row learning. Schools are building hands-on opportunities for students to connect learning to the real world. How are schools and classrooms being built differently to accommodate?

  • Thursday, July 18, 12 pm

    Teaching college and career learning

    Moderator: Vanessa Miller

    Panelists: Stephanie TeKippe, Dennis Harden, Kim Sparks, Amy Mayer, Don Finn

    How are educators preparing to teach college and career learning? Many schools are turning to industry professionals interested in teaching as experts in their workforce. What are ways colleges and universities are preparing future teachers for this kind of learning environment?

  • Friday, July 19, 12 pm

    Exploring Your Pathway

    Moderator: Sara Konrad Baranowski

    Panelists: Carmen Gwenigale, Kristy Volesky, Tascha Brown

    With so many options, how do students and families choose the pathway they are interested in pursuing as a career? What sort of exploration do students get before high school to “try on” different passions and pathways?

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